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                          Video is collected shots sent to us and some of our own work for your entertainment.


                      How Real Men Catch Catfish           First Grade Pool Player        Lot Shot by Newt IV

              Puppet         Road Rage       Used Car Salesman    Toot Tone     Achmed     Automatic Confession

                           Can Snakes Climb Trees       Going Home, Going to Work    Need A New TV 

                        Seven Wonders of the World     My Dancing Dog Link     Watch The Wrecker Real Close 

Middle Age Women Should Stay At Home    Seniors Go Boating     Friends Come And Goooooo    Lucky 

Real Lucky   The Boss Calls In    Texas Ditch Surfing    Dust Storm     Good Golf Shot    Ball Girl

4 Truck Monkey    Watch The Train    Dumb Luck   Job Market 2009    Fight Kitchen Fire    Red Neck Carnival Ride

Pre Flight Flashlight     Fly1    Fly2    Fly3    Fly4    Female Drivers    You Wouldn't Want To Be On This Flight

The Best Ever    Two Democrats On An Elevator     Walk In Fridge     New Air Force One     Garbage Man Flirt

Redneck Carnival Ride      Sick Manager     Person Of The Week

7 Wonders of the World    Why Kids Need Pets     Police Stop    Christmas Dinner

Boogie One    Cheap Car From China    Fedex Castaway    How To Turn A Ticket Into Jail Time

The Black Hole     New His and Hers Closet     Movies 4780    Meet      Incident Action

Hattie Cotton Dancing Darlings    Flying Bird    Why You Shouldn't Wear a Blue Tooth Phone

Prius Bastard    Sleep Walking Dog     Icy Runways    911    Adorable Little Girl    AFM      Voice Only Call To Navy Recruiter

Baptizing A Kid    Newt IV Flies      Fruit Cake Lady Returns      Bubble Car